Wendy! Wendy! Wendy! Guest blogger Walt Zlotow

Until yesterday few Americans outside of Texas knew about Texas state senator Wendy Davis. That changed in an incredible 13 hours Tuesday when Davis staged her marathon filibuster to prevent passage of a Texas anti abortion bill so restrictive Planned Parenthood president Cecile Richards said would virtually ban abortion in Texas, leading the Lone Star State back to the back alleys and knitting needles. 

Wearing a back brace and required by senate rules to speak non-stop, stay on topic and not sit down or even lean on her desk for support, Davis persevered for Texas women and all decent human beings till just before the midnight adjournment hour. As midnight approched Lt. Gov. Dave Dewhurst ruled she had strayed from the topic for a third technical violation and shut her up so he could hold the vote before the legislative session expired. Then the “peoples filibuster” gallery of abortion supporters took charge and caused such a ruckus that the 19-10 vote to pass the draconian law was pushed back till 12:03 AM. Dewhurst thought he’d won but the time stamp proved him wrong causing him to rescind his high fives to the forces of regression and ignorance for and about the gentle sex.

Just don’t use the word “gentle” around Senator Wendy Davis. She is one tough Texas lady.

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