We need to talk

We need to talk

The last 10 years have been heady times for the Democratic Party in the US and for the Democratic Party of DuPage in general. We’ve had lots of shifts in demographics, in leadership, in political cartography, and in maturity (and sometimes lack thereof) when it comes to relating to one another either across political divides or through ethnic differences or, even, stylistically as we try to work with a growing group of people who don’t often have the same approaches even when they share the same values.


We need to talk.

About the next 10 years and not let the last 10 be the laurels we sit nor the crosses we hang on.

2016 will bring challenges all its own and we will need to open our hearts and minds to meet them as a Democratic team that has created deep roots and can thus build a higher, more solid beacon of hope for the middle class and for people in the margins and for our neighbors in ethnic minorities.

Let’s Get Started. Sign up for the June 20th Potluck where we can chat and chew on these ideas and break bread together as well. If you think you represent an outside opinion of what is happening with the Democratic Party in DuPage, we ESPECIALLY NEED YOU THERE!

The potluck sign up sheet will serve as your RSVP. Please have each person attending sign up to bring something.



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