The most important movement in DuPage this summer.

The most important movement in DuPage this summer.

We launched this week but ANYONE can come on board ANY time. Details below


Nearly 200 folks showed up on June 5th to begin the summer off in the best way possible…by getting trained on how to start important conversations with their neighbors to create community and win allies! This program is in cooperation with the Northern Illinois Chapter of Americans for Democratic Action  and YOU can jump right in no matter where you are in the process. (Scroll down for upcoming Walk and Survey Turn in Dates)
IF you attended on Monday and still need materials or maybe a little more training, please write to ground@dupagedemocrats.com and let them know exactly what you need. 
If you attended on Monday but would like to begin with a group canvass, that schedule is below. Also, watch for Emails that say GROUP CANVASS with the date upcoming and respond to those right away. Those emails may be from Ben or Steve to from Constant Contact so make sure you are attuned to their arrival. Bulk texts and phone calls will also be used to reach out to you as this program gets up to full steam in the next few weeks.
If you were unable to be there on Monday, more trainings are on the docket. Again, contact Steve and Ben at ground@dupagedemocrats.com and they will get you plugged in to upcoming trainings!
If you haven’t signed up yet at all, do so today here so that you can start learning and using our very low-key system for knocking on doors and finding out what your neighbors care about. Along the way, you will find dozens of people who have been waiting for your invitation to join in so that we can all do this together

Here is the list of dates we will have canvassing related events. The Saturdays are for group canvasses/walk parties and the Wednesdays are turn in days. For the first group walk on June 17th, we will be meeting at and canvassing out of the DPDC office  (directions) starting at 11:00 am. After the canvass is over we will direct people to the Lisle and Naperville township BBQ’s. 

Lisle BBQ 

4575 Basswood drive Lisle starting at 5:30 pm (MAP)

Naperville BBQ 

9S170 Meadowlark Ln, Naperville IL 60565 (this is the map link)


Then on Wednesday the 21st, people who have walk lists completed, or want to turn in what they have so far, can come to the office after 7:00 pm and we’ll check in what you bring and see what questions you have at this point.

         June 17th Sat WALK

·         June 21st Wed TURN-IN

·         July 1st Sat WALK

·         July 5th Wed TURN-IN

·         July 15th Sat WALK

·         July 19th Wed TURN-IN

·         July 29th Sat WALK

·         Aug 2nd Wed TURN-IN

·         Aug 12th Sat WALK

·         Aug 16th Wed TURN-IN


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