Take Steps to Protect Your Vote

Take Steps to Protect Your Vote

By Diane Dassow

Recently Admiral Mike Rogers, the National Security Administration (NSA) director, acknowledged that no one in the Trump Administration has taken sufficient steps to prevent Russian cyber meddling in the 2018 midterms. And Donald Trump has never convened a cabinet-level meeting about dealing with Russian intervention in our elections. Now we learn that former Secretary of State Rex Tillerson neglected to use millions of dollars that Congress allocated from Defense Department Funds for that purpose.

Seven states, including Illinois, had their websites or voter registration databases hacked by Russia-backed operatives before the 2016 U.S. presidential election. In talking about this, officials claimed that no votes were changed. How can they say that? With electronic voting and no paper trail, there is no way to verify that claim.

It has been shown that it is incredibly easy to hack electronic voting machines. Watch this video demonstration.  It’s fascinating and frightening.

What can we, as American citizens, do to protect our elections and our democracy?

Make sure your vote leaves a paper trail; vote on election day and use a paper ballot. If you can’t vote on election day, vote by mail.

If you vote early and must use an electronic voting machine, be sure to check the tape before ejecting the card, to make sure that the machine is recording your votes in the way you intended.

Besides the hacker, the only person who can know if a vote was recorded falsely is the voter. Be aware.


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