Spring Cleaning! Keeping it simple and effective.

Spring Cleaning! Keeping it simple and effective.

Hi Everyone,

As we approach the election of new candidates in March, we are also preparing for a post-election list cleanup. In other words, it’s time to weed out dead addresses on our social contact systems to make a clear path for the new folks who are joining us as this election heats up. 

IF you have been meaning to get on our email system, you can still jump on now BUT its important to

1) Give us a really solid address when you sign up on our home page–screen shot below.

2) Open the emails we send and if you are not seeing any, contact us at info@dupagedemocrats.com WE DO NOT INUNDATE though we increase the send to every 4-5 days during an exceptional time like big fundraising event or primary, general and friend making activities. If emails are not open after a few times, our new system will scrub them out.

Screen Shot 2016-03-01 at 1.51.09 PM



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