So you’re running for office?

So you’re running for office?

 So You’re Running for Office. How Do You Launch a Political Campaign Online?
PowerThru Consulting
By Laura Packard
Our good friend and trainer, Laura Packard ofPowerThru Consulting, led a training on digital organizing strategies for our Advanced Campaign Management School in Columbus, OH. She wrote this great blog post based on what she taught at ACMS:
“At PowerThru, we’ve helped a lot of candidates get launched in the last few months. For first-time candidates or folks who have been out of office for awhile and are not used to online tools, we find ourselves telling them the same things. In fact I just taught a version of this to the great future managers at the Wellstone Campaign Management School last month!
So how do you get started when you’re running for office? Here’s our list to help guide candidates and would-be candidates during the crucial phase between “thinking about running” and launching. What you do now can give you the boost you need for a successful launch, and get you on track to win. If you’re thinking about running, please read this carefully. And if you know somebody who’s running, please pass this along!
1. Your list is the heart muscle of your campaign. So strengthen and build it as much as you can before you launch.
I’m talking about your list of donors, prospects, volunteers and supporters.
Even if you’re starting from scratch, you have a list: your friends, family, coworkers etc. Now is the time to be combing through stacks of business cards and inputting the info, getting your personal email address book, work email address book, and your cellphone contacts all synched. You’ll wind up using this list for your announcement email, and also for your initial fundraising call time sessions.
2. Claim your name online. Buy your domain names now. If you wait till rumors are out there that you’re running for office, squatters could grab your domain and refuse to give it back unless you pay expensive prices. Or your opponent could buy it, which is worse. So buy them now.”
Read all her tips on the PowerThru blog.
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