Rauner running out of room in self painted corner

Rauner running out of room in self painted corner

Rauner running out of room in self painted corner

Walt Zlotow,

The other day Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner was caught on tape saying he didn’t realize how tough it would be to implement his business turnaround agenda in Illinois. By the tone of his voice, it’s clear Rauner still has no idea how really tough it will be. He can’t face the fact that as hard working Illinoisans get laid off, struggling Illinois students drop out of school, the neediest Illinoisans lose state services, and state vendors see their accounts receivable mushroom, he has zero chance of achieving it.

Why? Injecting anti labor, anti state worker provisions is an unprecedented encroachment on the budget process which is a simple matter of A) what we need to spend to serve the people, and B) what revenue must we raise to meet those needs. Everything else is reserved to the legislative process over gubernatorial and legislative agendas for legislative change. Rauner thought if he required passing his agenda before even discussing budgetary needs and revenue, the legislature would roll over like the companies that Rauner whipsawed into submission on his way to billionaire status.

Government, Rauner is finding out, is not like the bloodless dollars and cents of the ‘smash capitalism’ he’s been practicing for decades. Government requires a heart, a soul and a pulse that considers the needs of all 13 million of us instead of profit, profit, profit. By extending this soulless obstinacy for nearly a year, Rauner is solely responsible for the slow collapse of state governance.

Because Rauner and his extended family are insulated by his wealth from the damage he’s doing to all the little people in Illinois,he thought he could ride out any protest to his immoral abdication of simply doing his job. But he’s painted himself into a corner of disreputable disgrace from which there is no exit except to face reality and negotiate a budget without non-budgetary conditions.

Alas, Gov. Rauner is still wielding the paintbrush of his self destruction..and the space beneath his feet is beginning to disappear.

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