Please take action NOW to save the Forest Preserve (by 2 pm 3/25)

Please take action NOW to save the Forest Preserve (by 2 pm 3/25)

Thanks (again!) to all of you who called Rep Conroy’s office to register opposition to HB 3099, which would place the DuPage County Forest Preserve back under County Board rule.  For reasons why this is not a good idea, read the blog from March 23.

An updated summary of reasons to oppose HB 3099 is attached.  
Filing a WITNESS SLIP is one more concrete action that you can take to oppose HB 3099.  A witness slip is filed online with the committee in which the bill is being discussed and records opposition to the bill as if you were there in person.  Directions for filing a witness slip are below.  Please act today!  Witness slips can be filed until HB 3099 is voted on in committee – which will be around 2 pm on Wednesday, March 25.  
WITNESS SLIPS need to be filed new each week so if you filed one last week, please do another one this week to be sure your voice is heard.
Please forward this, post on Facebook and Twitter and ask your friends to help us defeat HB 3099 by filing a witness slip now.
Directions for filing a witness slip are below.  Call or email me if you need help navigating the system.  Thank you for helping register opposition to HB3099.
Click on the link below, then click on each point listed below until your witness slip has been filed.  It will take less than one minute!



GA Dashboard

House (on the column on the right side of the page)

Committee Hearings (drop down menu after clicking “house” on the right)

Week (Once in Committee Hearings, click “week”on the top bar)

State Government Administration Committee (look for this in the list of committees)

click on the icon at far right of page to create witness slip

Go to HB3099 and click on the icon at far right of page (pencil and paper) to create witness slip for that bill

Fill in all the fields (unless marked optional)…I put “none” for firm/business or agency and “citizen of DuPage County” for title

Scroll down to position and click “Opponent”
Check off Record of Appearance Only (unless you are going to fax a written statement)
type the text, agree to terms of agreement, Create slip




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