On the 12th Day of Christmas, the Democrats gave to me…

On the 12th Day of Christmas, the Democrats gave to me…


Unemployment Comp 

                   PEACE CORPS AND NATO 

                                                  THE F-M-L-A,

First Manned Moon Mission,

                    FEDERAL HOME LOAN PROGRAM

The Voting Rights Act,


Votes for our Women, 

          40 Hour Work Week 

                   Minimum Wage and

                                 The Social Security Act.

The Civil Rights Act of 1964

The civil rights movement deeply affected American society. Among its most important achievements were two major civil rights laws passed by Congress. These laws ensured constitutional rights for African Americans and other minorities. Although these rights were first guaranteed in the U.S. Constitution immediately after the Civil War, they had never been fully enforced. It was only after years of highly publicized civil rights demonstrations, marches, and violence that American political leaders acted to enforce these rights.

President Lyndon Johnson signs the historic Civil Rights Act of 1964. Behind him stands the Reverend Martin Luther King Jr. (Wikimedia Commons)

President John F. Kennedy proposed the initial civil rights act. Kennedy faced great personal and political conflicts over this legislation. On the one hand, he was sympathetic to African-American citizens whose dramatic protests highlighted the glaring gap between American ideals and American realities. Kennedy understood that black people deserved the full equality they were demanding. He also knew that READ MORE



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