Now ‘Til Epiphany: Day 3 of why I am DuPage Democrat

Now ‘Til Epiphany: Day 3 of why I am DuPage Democrat

Joshua Boyce, our intern, and I (Amy Rohrer, ED) have been discussing and working on ways to uncover the heart of the reasons why we are members of the Democratic Party of DuPage County. This list of the 12 Days of why we are DuPage Dems is the result and we hope that you will take time to ponder each and find out which ones resonate with you. Once you find those which do (and reach your own Epiphany) we hope to hear from you. There are many activities and causes to be involved in and we hope you are resting up now to be ready for the excitement (and heart-work) ahead. Our country is ready for a big change and we can all be at the forefront.

Amy Rohrer, ED, DPDC**

Write us at 2016@dupagedemocrats.com or leave a message at 630-629-1125 (You’ll hear back from us after the holiday).

 DAY 3:

I wanted to be a part of an organization where members are rooted in mass movements and constituencies. When I joined the DPDC, I had the pleasure to join with folks who had been active in important civil rights movements including the many movements in DuPage against the second Iraq war, environmental/climate movements both internationally and locally, union-oriented organizations (our Chairman, Bob Peickert, taught negotiating in Poland to teachers who had come out of the Solidarity movement) and women’s rights, especially people from the former ERA struggle and those who had escorted under my leadership at nearby reproductive health clinics and  those who had worked with the YWCA. We continue to draw incredible people who have committed for years to the movements in DuPage  that affect real people in their everyday lives.

**Before arriving to the DPDC, Amy Rohrer was the co-founder of DAWN (DuPage Against War Now), received the YWCA’s Racial Justice award in 1997, was named one of the top 100 people to watch in DuPage in 2003 and helped run several very close local elections in 2005/6. She just finished her first decade creating political strategy and successfully organizing for the Democratic cause and its candidates in DuPage and is pleased to see the incredible progress that has been made during that time.

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