New Resistance Handbook Released

New Resistance Handbook Released

On Tuesday, Markos Moulitsas and Michael Huttner released their new book, The Resistance Handbook: 45 Ways to Fight Trump. The book answers one of the questions that DuPage Dems tries to answer every day: What can I do to fight President Trump and the Republican agenda, such as their Muslim ban, fight against refugees, and the prioritization of the rich over all Americans. The Resistance Handbook provides individuals and groups a “virtual menu” of actions to take, including both traditional and modern resistance methods.

The book is split into four sections:

  • The nuts and bolts of resisting;
  • How to protect our culture from Trump’s misogyny, racism, xenophobia, bullying, and religious intolerance;
  • How to protect the issues we care about;
  • And how to build the infrastructure to help us win elections from city council to the White House—not just the next cycle or two, but long into the future.

If you are wanting to take action today, another thing you can do is take part in our summer issue canvas. This is the perfect vehicle to find those who are already wanting to help us win in 2018 and just await your kind invitation. We will canvass most of the summer, generally with with the group canvasses/walk parties on Saturdays, and  group canvasses/walk parties and the opportunity to turn in your materials the following Wednesday (see our events page for exact dates and times). We currently have issue canvass walks set for July 1, July 15, July 29, and August 12.

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