Meet the Candidate: Irfan Ibrahim for DuPage County Forest Preserve Commissioner of District 3

Meet the Candidate: Irfan Ibrahim for DuPage County Forest Preserve Commissioner of District 3

My name is Irfan Ibrahim. I live in DuPage County (Hinsdale) with my wife, Dr. Nafisa Ibrahim, my son (8yrs old) and daughter (4yrs old). For the past 12 years, I have planted my roots with friends and family members all across Chicagoland. I have been fortunate enough to live and appreciate the American Dream because I was born in India. Trained as a Doctor of Physical Therapy and clinician for more than ten years, I have learned to listen to my patients and set the right course of treatment for their recovery.

As a father of two children, I am a firm believer of leaving the planet earth to our children in a better condition than it was given to us by our forefathers. We are just borrowing earth from future generation. I want to make forest preserves an exciting place for young adults and children to learn about the beauty of nature and the spectrum of all ecosystems.

All of the forests in DuPage County are sacred to the families that live here. If given the opportunity, I will put forth my best effort to introduce forest preserves to those who haven’t had a chance to experience them. At this time, we are in a political environment where the current administration has auctioned off public lands and national monuments to oil producers, miners and private interest groups. These are Public Lands, our lands.  Environmental conservation, protection and preservation of public land are our responsibility.

Our lives are nurtured by science and we are all a product of nature. We are living with political cowardice where our politicians are afraid to affirm and verbalize that “Climate Change Is Real.”

Forests can be the best classrooms for our children and respite for our pets. We have to teach future generations to appreciate these natural vast open Midwest prairies. As a bicycle rider, hiker and photographer; the beauty of the open spaces continuously inspires me in our district. I learned to appreciate the DuPage County Forest Preserves as I was training for my 2nd Chicago Marathon.

As a working resident of DuPage County, I have had conversations with multiple community members and the majority have verbalized discontent and disregard with the current administration’s use of public lands to create fatter pockets of well connected political operators. If given the chance, I take a pledge to be a steward of our public lands.     Today, I am asking for your trust, support and vote for me as Forest Preserve Commissioner of District 3 of DuPage County. We are going to stand up together for every single tree and every inch of our Forest Preserves. We will make sure that “Public Lands” remain “In Public Hands.”

Irfan M Ibrahim


Find out more about Irfan Ibrahim on his website and Facebook page


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