Thank you for voting in November, it may have been the most important election in our lifetime! The last 4 years have shown us just how much every vote counts. Electing Democrats that share our values at all levels of government, starting with local, can make the most difference.

How will you vote in 2021?
Vote By Mail – Apply Now Through 3/15
Vote By Mail provides a paper trail that can always be verified/audited. Vote By Mail is an excellent option to keep both your health and vote safe.
You Can Apply to Vote By Mail Today: votedupage.com/vbmapp – Redirects to dupageco.org/Election/VoteByMail
For more information on Vote By Mail visit: votedupage.com/vbm
Vote Early (In Person) – From 2/25 – 4/5
You can vote in person starting 2/25 at the County Location and 3/22 at many locations throughout the County.
Please Bookmark this location for Early Voting Locations & Hours once they are published by the Election Division: votedupage.com/early
Vote on Election Day – 4/6
Polls Open: 6:00 am – 7:00 pm
Polling Location Tool: dupageco.org/VoterLookup/

2021 Dates to Keep in Mind

2021 – Voting Dates
1/6 – First Day to Apply to Vote By Mail (VBM)
2/25 – VBM Ballots start to be sent out to those that applied
2/25 – Early Voting Starts at the Election Division (may be the Fairgrounds)
3/22 – Countywide Early Voting Starts
4/1 – Last Day to Apply to VBM (we suggest doing it by 3/15)
4/6 – Election Day

2021 – Registration Dates
3/9 – Last Day of Regular Registration
3/21 – Last Day to Register Online
4/6 – Last Day of Grace Period and Day of Registration
*Note: You can register to vote when in person voting

Election Links
Complete Voter Portal for 2021
2021 Candidate Listing
Vote By Mail Information
Apply to Vote By Mail
votedupage.com/vbmapp – Redirects to dupageco.org/Election/VoteByMail
Election Day Polling Location, Representatives Lookup and more
Register to Vote Online
Check Voter Registration Status
DuPage Voter Registration Locations
Coming Soon
Early Voting Locations & Dates
Track Your Vote By Mail Ballot