Liz Chaplin, County Board 2; My letter to President Trump

Liz Chaplin, County Board 2; My letter to President Trump

August 13, 2017


President Trump
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20500


Dear President Trump,

My name is Elizabeth Chaplin and I live in Downers Grove, Illinois. I am an elected official representing approximately 90,000 people. The State of Illinois was home to a great man, President Abraham Lincoln. Not only was President Lincoln a great man he was a great leader. He displayed strength, courage and good character. He was also responsible for ending slavery.

When I woke up yesterday morning to the horrific pictures of men carrying torches through the streets of Charlottesville and read the vile words a deep sadness came over me. Those torches represent the worst of this country. A time of violent acts of domestic terrorism. The sole purpose of carrying those torches was intimidation. They cause many people despair and anxiety. The event was described as a rally to “take America back.”

This morning I have read that three people lost their lives including two police officers that were killed in a helicopter crash while hovering near the rally. This is unacceptable.

It is a hard job being an elected official. Sometimes we are pushed out of our comfort zone. We find ourselves in situations that we never dreamed of. It is a position of great responsibility. We may have to take a position that may not be popular but is ultimately the right thing to do.

What we need now is for you to display the strength, courage and good character of past leaders. You need to strongly condemn these acts for what they are, they are acts committed by white supremacists, white nationalists and neo-Nazis. This is domestic terrorism. You need to say it loud and clear and you need to let people know this behavior will not be tolerated. Your words will ring hollow if you continue to allow the likes of Steve Bannon and Seb Gorka to roam the White House. These men and anyone associated with them must be removed from the White House and their current positions immediately.

Mr. President I am hoping and praying that you will find it in your heart to do what is right for this country and its people.

May God bless America.

Elizabeth Chaplin
DuPage County Board
Representing District 2


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