June is LGBT Pride Month

June is LGBT Pride Month

From Think Progress

On June 1, 2009 President Barack Obama proclaimed June as LGBT Pride Month. 

The website thinkprogress.org published an article on a Documentary titled “The Rejected” and the affects that are still felt today in the LGBT Community.
Five Insights From A 1961 Documentary On Gay Men That Still Resonate Today
June is LGBT Pride Month, and this year, the city of Philadelphia is celebrating the 50 year anniversary of the picketing for equality that took place at Independence Hall four years prior to the Stonewall Riots. As the LGBT community reflects on the history of resistance and protest that spurred the liberation that became “Pride,” it’s important to note that in many ways, the same battles are still being fought.
The 1961 documentary The Rejected, which can still be watched today, provides a helpful juxtaposition. Produced for KQED in San Francisco, it is understood to be the first documentary about (male) homosexuality ever broadcast on American television. Though public understanding about the gay community has changed dramatically over the past 54 years, many of the kinds of conversations still being had about gay rights today can be easily traced back to the points made half a century ago. Here are a few examples:

  • Homosexuality is a problem that must be controlled.
  • Is “gaydar” real?
  • Should gay stereotypes be embraced?
  • Ex-Gay therapy doesn’t work.
  • Can gay behaviors be distinguished from gay identities? …

As LGBT people take to the streets this month for another Pride celebration, joined by their families and allies, they will once again realize the truth of Lowenthal’s conclusion

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