Judges – Why They Matter

Judges – Why They Matter

State courts handle more than 95% of America’s court cases. Local courts matter.

A strong, independent judiciary is critical and essential to the checks and balances that ensure the system works well for everyone.

While the ethnicity and/or gender of judges has nothing to do with the quality of their legal reasoning, diversity is important because of the need for broader perspectives that can be brought to bear on the real-world issues facing judges in complex cases. A diverse judiciary will add insight and experience, ensuring we have a strong, independent judiciary.

In DuPage, the 15 Elected Circuit Court Judges appoint the 28 Associate Judges.

We need to elect judges that will serve all the people.

We need to elect judges who will seek justice and fairness for everyone.

We need to elect judges who will make sure we have a representative bench that serves all the people in DuPage Equally.

We need to elect Democratic Judges in 2020 & Beyond.

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