It’s all Happening. And it can Happen here too!

It’s all Happening. And it can Happen here too!

“Democrats Score Special Election Upset In Wisconsin GOP Stronghold”
Huffington Post, January 16

Dupage –

Last night, Democrats FLIPPED a Republican seat from red to blue in one of the first contested special elections of 2018: Patty Schachtner, a medical examiner and school board member, will be representing the 10th Senate District in western Wisconsin!

Hundreds of local volunteers knocked on tens of thousands of doors to make this happen – in sub-zero temperatures all week! – because they are fired up to take their state back from Scott Walker, Donald Trump, and the rest of the extremists running our government.

Less than a year out from Trump’s inauguration, a blue wave has swept the nation with 34 contested state legislative seats flipped so far this cycle. And this is only the beginning. Nearly every week this spring will see new special elections, from Florida to Minnesota to Oklahoma, including one next week in Pennsylvania.

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