Historic Winds Blowing in IL 48

Historic Winds Blowing in IL 48

Marian Tomlinson has announced a District 48 State Representative write-in campaign for the November 4 election.She was slated by a nominating committee of the Central Committee of the Democratic Party of DuPage County but was knocked off the ballot by the appointed Election Board, based on a minor technicality.                                              

Tomlinson, mother of 9 and grandmother of 15, has lived in Glen Ellyn since 1984 and has been active in social, political and philanthropic groups in the area since her 2003 retirement from McDermott, Will & Emery, a Chicago law firm where she was a legal secretary for 13 years.  She has not run for political office before.  “It seems unfair to let the wishes of the registered voters, evidenced by over a thousand signatures we gathered in a short time, to be ignored in the electoral process on a technicality.  It is my intention to represent the wishes of the voters of District 48 who distrust the Tea Party and who want their voices to be heard.”

********************************************************************************If you would like to help Marian Tomlinson become the next state representative in District 48:

  • Visit her website www.marianfor48.org
  • Take Marian’s voter survey (District 48 residents)
  • Volunteer to display a yard sign (District 48 residents)
  • Donate
  • Volunteer to canvass a District 48 precinct
  • Hand out ‘Write-In’ cards to voters on election day
  • Serve as a poll watcher
  • Contact Marian personally at 630-858-4587 for further information
Let’s make history November 4!
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