Good Ideas are Everywhere: Pick one a run with it

Good Ideas are Everywhere: Pick one a run with it

Last night, I watched the movie DOWNSIZE THIS by Michael Moore which came out in 1997 and predicted just the kind of neediness that so many people across our country would face. So sad and so much aligned with the same kind of craven policies big mouth presidential candidates espouse to “Make America Great Again”. I hope this country will reject these false prophets and do the things that truly make our country like a good home…full of nutritious food, warm and welcoming, a place where everyone feels included etc. One way you can help get on that path is to adopt a new way to look at helping folks, think outside of a “Lack” mindset and begin sharing even a tiny bit of the abundance in your life with someone who is struggling like those folks in Michael Moore’s hometown, beleaguered Flint, MI. As a matter of fact, they still need your generosity there.


Amy Rohrer, Exec Dir, DPDC

Flint Kids 

Put a Charity Refrigerator in an alley or street 

Give homeless people a chance to do Day work 

Pay Your Parking Ticket With Food Donations In Breckenridge

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