Give Back to the Community by Being a Precinct Committeeman

Give Back to the Community by Being a Precinct Committeeman

Precinct committeemen (PC) are the “feet on the ground” for the Democratic Party. They help promote the Party in their neighborhoods and bring concerns of citizens back to the Party, so they can be heard by Party leaders and politicians. PCs help Democrats get elected by registering voters and even by helping voters find rides to the polls.

Precinct committeemen are leaders in their community, and there are a number of ways they give back to their communities. First, as mentioned above, they help community members by being a voice for their concerns to party leaders and candidates. They also inform the voters about the Democratic Party’s platform and answer any questions they might have concerning the Party. In other words, they help people to be informed voters.

Precinct committeemen also register voters and encourage them to vote; thereby, improving turnout at elections. PCs can also help with candidate recruitment efforts by canvassing and encouraging people in the community to run for public office, which helps voters have a better, more diverse choice at the polls and gives people a chance to elect officials who really represent them.

PCs also are a voice for the community at precinct committee meetings. Their input is helpful in planning focused strategies. Getting to know people in the neighborhood and helping to develop a strategy that reaches them is important to electing more Democrats to public office.

The Democratic Party of DuPage County is actively recruiting for precinct committeemen. If you want to know more, we are offering a series of FREE classes three different times in August. To find out dates and times, please visit www.facebook.com/pg/DemsInDuPage/events.

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