Former County Auditor Grogan’s Quest to Disenfranchise Voters…

Former County Auditor Grogan’s Quest to Disenfranchise Voters…

DuPage Voters, please take note…

As many of you may remember, the race for DuPage County Auditor in 2020 was a close one. Thanks to the hard work of our PCs and volunteers, both before and after the election, Bill White did indeed win the election by 75 votes.

Former Auditor Bob Grogan then requested a discovery recount, in which the vote tallies were found to be accurate. Following the recount, Grogan than sued in an attempt to have the courts declare him the winner of the election instead. The nature of this lawsuit is truly an attack on the voters in DuPage County and their fundamental right to have their vote count.

Grogan is attempting to use a technicality in the law to argue that election day votes from at least four precinct locations in Downers Grove Township should be thrown out completely. This is due to confusion that led to ballots missing election judge initials at the top of the paper ballot. However, these initials were indeed included in the poll books as voters were checked-in and confirmed by election judges.

In addition, Grogan keeps repeating a lie that there are 1600 additional votes than voters. This is simply not true. Grogan pulled a list of voters 30 days after the election. Some people that voted, subsequently moved, died or were removed from the voter file for other reasons. However, at the time they voted, they were valid registered voters. The judge currently presiding over Grogan’s quest to disenfranchise voters has shown no interest in this claim.

This case is an attack on the fundamental right of our residents in DuPage County to have their vote counted, and not thrown away because of political and legal maneuvering. This is regardless of who each individual voted for at these precinct locations. If Grogan is successful in his quest, voters from other locations could possible be disenfranchised as well. We intend to help in any way we can to make sure that every vote is counted and to ensure no one’s right to vote is taken away from them.

There was likewise another lawsuit taking place in the 14th House District, where Lauren Underwood was reelected in 2020. Her former opponent Jim Oberweis had taken a page out of Trump’s playbook and baselessly claimed there were thousands of fraudulent vote-by-mail ballots and illegal votes. The challenge was thrown out earlier this month.

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