Families are his bread and butter yet votes against them in unimaginable ways.

Families are his bread and butter yet votes against them in unimaginable ways.

Dear Fellow Dems –
On Friday, Governor Rauner signed the “Child Bereavement Act” which will guarantee two-weeks off for a parental bereavement leave in the death of a child.
Jim Oberweis was one of two state senators who voted against this bill. My press release about his vote is below.
If you can, I would ask you to write a letter to the editor denouncing his vote and lack of compassion. He markets his milk products with children but votes against the ability of parents to grieve for their children. This vote is a real testament to the cruel character of our current senator.
Thank-you for your help, let’s go get him!
Corinne Pierog


(St. Charles)—25th District State Senator Jim Oberweis (R-Sugar Grove) was one of only two members of the Illinois Senate to vote against SB2613, the Child Bereavement Leave Act, which mirrors the federal Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) coverage by ensuring that employees who lose a child will be provided with two weeks of unpaid bereavement leave to make arrangements, attend the funeral, and grieve the loss of their child.
“Senator Oberweis’ vote against the Child Bereavement Leave Act defies common sense and basic decency.  He voted against allowing parents unpaid time off to arrange a funeral for their child—this cold-hearted vote does not reflect the family values and compassion of the communities in the 25th State Senate District, nor of the people of Illinois,” said Pierog.
Oberweis was one of only three members of the Illinois Legislature to vote against the legislation.  He was joined by Senator McCarter (R-Lebanon) and Rep. Jeanne Ives (R-Wheaton).
“Senator Oberweis has proven yet again that he values profits over people. Forcing parents to choose between grieving their child’s death and keeping their jobs is heart-wrenching.  I don’t know how Jim sleeps at night, this vote goes against every tenant of common sense decency,” states Pierog.
This legislation, which was overwhelmingly passed in both houses and signed by Governor Rauner, received widespread bipartisan support.  Currently, Illinois’ FMLA allows leave for parents of children with serious medical conditions, but not for the death of a child; this bill was passed to correct that discrepancy.
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