Ensuring Public Safety for All in DuPage

Ensuring Public Safety for All in DuPage

There is a substantial difference between the two candidates running for DuPage County sheriff. Greg Whalen, currently a lieutenant with the Glencoe Department of Public Safety, is highly educated with 15 years of diverse experience. He is cross-trained as a police officer, firefighter and paramedic and is verified in crisis intervention.

Whalen’s extensive public safety experience includes serving as a team leader with a multijurisdictional SWAT team, as a Public Safety Diver and Fire/Arson Investigations Team. He believes in strong community partnerships, intergovernmental cooperation and safeguarding the rights of all.

His opponent has scrubbed his campaign literature of divisive language and issues, including his radio interview with Joe Walsh/Walsh Freedom.

For full transparency and integrity, vote Greg Whalen for DuPage County Sheriff.

Pam Pintozzi





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