Energetic attraction, the Message of DPDC and Social Media

Energetic attraction, the Message of DPDC and Social Media

Hi, this is Amy Rohrer. I am the Executive Director of the DuPage Democratic Party.

Over the years, I have learned a lot about energetic attraction or what some folks call the “Law of Attraction”. On the flip side, some people call it Murphy’s Law and while they say they don’t believe in such whoo whoo stuff as the Law of Attraction, they vehemently preach the “if anything can go wrong, it will.” Can you see how that’s just the negative underbelly of positive energetic expectations?

The idea is pretty basic. What you give your attention to will proliferate. One easy way to think about this in your own life is when you want something and suddenly notice it EVERYWHERE (a certain kind of car, pregnant women etc). As you can see from the image chosen for this blog, this is not a new idea and something Ralph Waldo Emerson understood well. 

What does this have to do with being a Democrat or with politics, you may ask? Well, a few things, especially as far as Social Media is concerned and it warrants a little explanation from this end.

  • Our DPDC Social Media and general messaging works very hard to focus on the 12 step concept that governs their meetings: PRINCIPLES BEFORE PERSONALITIES. In practice this means: Discouraging negative cross-talking among fellow Democrats within the impersonal space of Social Media (disagreements are real but need to be done in a more personal manner since WE ARE on the same team). It’s easy to throw barbs from behind a computer but its REALLY hard to fix the damage that gets caused by doing that. PICK UP THE PHONE or, at the very least, Personal Message or email that person if you really want to communicate with them. REMEMBER, the damage is not only to individuals or groups but it also discourages onlookers who may want to join us and it also gives the other team future fodder to use against us.
  • THIS ALSO MEANS that we should all encourage posts that keep people motivated and discourage those which don’t. A feed full of Trump crap has two unfortunate effects 1) It keeps him top of mind for his idiocy and 2) it often causes people to despair and become inert. THAT DOESN’T HELP ANYONE. We understand that it is important not to be silent about oppression and damage done to any community or individuals…Muslims, Jews, Blacks, Asians, Women, LQBT…BUT express your outrage with appropriate words that empower those fighting against the oppression AND be one of those fighting it in the REAL WORLD by reaching out to your neighbors and spreading the good word of our ONENESS and need to care for and love one another. BE THE CHANGE YOU WANT TO SEE IN THE WORLD (And on the internet..I am pretty sure Gandhi would be ok with me adding that).
  • This is also true about diatribes against Hillary and Bernie. When you “like”, “comment” on or share this type of stuff, it spreads nasty infection and detracts from the important work we need to do to let our neighbors know what our organization really wants to do: 

Vote_DemSO PLEASE, before you pass on information, in any form, check the energy. Will it attract people or disgust, anger or repel them in a nonproductive way? If it will attract with a message of hope and possibility for something better, send it on. If not, consider deleting it all together. The Universe will help us conspire to make a better country and world if we make that decision today and live it. 




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