DuPage Dems Difference Maker – Samantha Wilson

DuPage Dems Difference Maker – Samantha Wilson

Samantha Wilson began volunteering in Dupage County in 2015, making calls and knocking doors for the Bernie Sanders campaign. After his defeat in the primary, Samantha began to explore the world of local politics, knocking doors for Michelle Gale and Liz Chaplin in 2016. She also became an appointed PC, later elected to York 107 in 2017, which she diligently visits every two months.

In 2017, Samantha became a co-campaign manager and speechwriter for Dan Markwell’s successful bid for the College of Dupage Board of Trustees.

After taking some time off the campaign trail to finish her Associate’s Degree at COD, Samantha joined team Judge Linda Davenport for Circuit Court in June of 2018. Together, the two women with an amazing staff, high school interns, family, friends, and volunteers, were able to reach their goal. Judge Davenport won with an outstanding 54.7% of the Dupage County vote.

For two weeks after the election, she dedicated her time to leading the effort to chase provisional and contested mail-in ballots in the hopes that many of our candidates on the verge of winning would do so. Fortunately the efforts of her and scores of other volunteers were not in vain, and many would be candidates became title-elects after those long two weeks.

Since then, Samantha has been working hard to aid the PCs of York Township by providing them with updated precinct data and beginning summer recruitment efforts. She has also joined the DPDC Data Team, and hopes to continue growing her efforts in Dupage County in the future.