DuPage Dems Difference Maker – Parth Patel

DuPage Dems Difference Maker – Parth Patel

Parth Patel is the Wayne Township Democratic Party’s PC of the Year. He also just ran for the Bartlett Library Board and just barely missed a victory in his first ever election. He is also the driving force behind Fossil Free Bartlett.

Parth not only consistently works his precinct multiple times each election cycle, but he consistently works additional precincts, supports party outreach, works with environmental and other grassroots groups/causes, helps out our democratic candidates up and down the ballot and stepped up to serve the people by running an amazing campaign in 2019.

Parth is his own words…

I was invited to attend a climate justice protest around 3 years ago. At this stage in my life, I had never been involved in activism. A thought occurred me to thought: “If not me then who? If not now, then when?” I could feel in my heart that our shared prosperity and social cohesion were at risk if I didn’t get involved.

The decision to become a PC was more challenging. Electoral organizing in support of a specific political party was not something that I had put much thought into. Grassroots activism and organizing had always been (and probably will continue to be) my sweet spot. As time went on, it occurred to me that those who want to inflict harm on people, planet, and society focused heavily on electoral organizing. Based on this realization, I decided that I also needed to focus some minimum amount of my time and effort on making sure that candidates with similar values to mine had local support.

By becoming a PC and most recently running for Bartlett Library Board, I’ve had the opportunity to cultivate relationships with neighbors and to hone another platform to promote equity, justice, and solidarity in my community.