DuPage Dems Difference Maker – Mark Van Scharrel

DuPage Dems Difference Maker – Mark Van Scharrel

Meet Mark Van Scharrel, PC in Lisle Township, Precinct 50, who doesn’t have a huge resume with the Democratic Party, but I know he’s a true Difference-Maker.

Mark was politically moved to action following the 2016 Election, together with his wife, Julie Ryan, to become an important part of the Lisle Township and DuPage Democrats; a two-fer if you will. They both have contributed in various ways ever since, with both the Organization and individual Democratic Candidates. Mark volunteered and was appointed as a PC, while Julie became part of our Communications and Documents Team.

As a speaker, writer, and pastor, Mark was qualified and didn’t disappoint when he presented “Framing the Issues” at the September 2018 LTDO Monthly Meeting. Mark approaches communications with humor, intelligence, and conviction. His insights have helped move LTDO forward, particularly as to issue framing. As a PC he enjoyed talking to those in his precinct to great effect. He has been a generous supporter of DWDC, DPDC, LTDO and several other local political organizations. He has worked with several candidates as well. There isn’t a room Mark has walked into that he didn’t brighten.

Sadly, Mark was diagnosed with a serious form of cancer in early Spring. In conversation it was implied that he would likely not be able to continue on as a PC. However, Mark recently told me that he’s been feeling better lately and wants to continue on, as he is able. Mark defines commitment and courage that leaves me humbled. Mark Van Scharrel is a Difference-Maker, indeed.

-Submitted by Gerry Galloway, Lisle Township Chair