DuPage Dems Difference Maker – Chris Hotchkin

DuPage Dems Difference Maker – Chris Hotchkin

Chris is the Precinct Committeeman for Precinct 92 in Downers Grove and has been an active volunteer for many campaigns.

Chris has served as the Chair and Vice Chair of Downers Grove Township Democratic Organization, as well as Vice Chair of the Democratic Party of DuPage County and Vice President for the Democratic Women of DuPage County. For many years, her contributions as a participant on committees that organized the DPDC Gala and the DPDC County Fair Booth were significant. She has been actively engaged in development of by-laws and precinct committeeman handbooks for both organizations. She is a seasoned trainer for precinct committeemen and pollwatchers. In addition, she has been a faithful voter registrar for many years.

Chris has represented local Democrats numerous times as a candidate for various Township Government positions, State Senate and the DuPage County Board. Because of her experience as a candidate and a campaign volunteer, she continues to be a valuable mentor for other candidates.

In addition to her dedication to Democrats in DuPage County, Chris provides service to the community through other organizations. She is an active Gold Star Mother and assists with initiatives through the Gold Star Mothers and Operation Support Our Troops. She also serves as Vice President for Philanthropy for Assistance League of Chicagoland West, a philanthropic organization that serves local families with education and outreach programs.