DuPage County Board Committee Discusses Possible Position on Gun Legislation

DuPage County Board Committee Discusses Possible Position on Gun Legislation

Today marks one month since the Parkland, Florida mass shooting at a high school that killed 17 people. Boycotts, protests, and rallies have taken place and continue to take place, as Americans demand a safe learning environment for their children. Their efforts have paid off as changes have begun to take place.

Boycotts have caused multiple businesses to end their affiliation with the NRA. New gun legislation changes passed in Florida. On February 28th, the Illinois House passed bills, introduced by Democrats, banning bump stocks and raising the minimum age to purchase a firearm in the state.

In a DuPage County Board legislative and government affairs committee meeting on February 27th, it was apparent that the safety of our children and sensible gun legislation should be a bi-partisan effort. County board member, Tim Elliott stated that “…the county board should take a stand on the gun legislation at the state level.” In addition to banning bump stocks, “Elliott said he also wants the county board to formally oppose a proposal that would reduce the police presence at schools throughout the state.”

County board member, Democrat, Elizabeth Chaplin “…said she was aware of two other measures she would like the county to support.”

Those measures include a 72-hour waiting period for gun purchases and new licensing requirements for firearm dealers, as well as the creation of a gun dealer licensing board.

The panel will review the proposals at a later date.

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