Daniel Biss: “I’m All in to Elect JB Pritzker”

Daniel Biss: “I’m All in to Elect JB Pritzker”

Monday, JB Pritzker and Daniel Biss released the following statements on their commitment to defeating Bruce Rauner and electing Democrats up and down the ballot:

“Since the primary, JB Pritzker and I have had a series of productive discussions about the future of the State of Illinois,” said Senator Daniel Biss. “I’m thrilled with his relentless focus on a progressive income tax as the right way to fix our budget without burdening the middle class or the poor, and I’m pleased that he’s committed to fight for campaign finance reform so our political system is accountable to everyone. That’s why beyond my long-standing commitment to defeating failed governor Bruce Rauner, I am all in to elect JB Pritzker. This year I will be proudly campaigning for JB Pritzker, Juliana Stratton, and Democrats up and down the ticket.”

“This election isn’t just about beating Bruce Rauner. It’s about uniting Democrats across the state around a progressive agenda that will bring real change to Illinois,” said JB Pritzker. “Daniel Biss and I have a relationship rooted in the shared values that lead us both to fight for a progressive income tax, campaign finance reform, legalizing marijuana, and healthcare for all. I’m excited to have his support, and his help in fighting for those priorities. Democrats are united and we will win big in November so we can put Springfield back on the side of working families and move Illinois forward.”

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