County Board – Why it Matters

County Board – Why it Matters

The DuPage County Board runs on an annual budget of $450+ million.

The County Board decides exactly how (and to who) they spend this budget on behalf of the residents of DuPage.

We need Democrats on the Board to ensure the issues / values we share are supported on the County Board.

Having Democrats on the board ensures the priorities of the residents are the priority of the County Board.

Some of the many areas Democrats are currently fighting for on the County Board to ensure adequate funding are housing services, senior services, health services, union contracts, the environment, affordable housing, public safety, infrastructure, veterans, diversity and more.

In addition to ensuring spending matches the values and priorities of residents, having Democrats on the County Board ensures we have transparency and accountability in governing as well.

Our DuPage Dems are focused on doing the work to serve the people and focused on the issues of the day, everyday.

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