Using Climate Change to Defeat Trump

Using Climate Change to Defeat Trump

Donald Trump wanted to run against the Green New Deal in 2020 and “…mock its aspiration to urgently decarbonize our electric grid, transportation sector, industries and buildings, while pairing all that with programs to ensure that every American can get a job and have access to health care and ‘safe, affordable, adequate housing,’ as well as other social goods.”

Thomas L. Friedman suggests a plan for Democrats to create a Green Real Deal that will put Trump on the defensive during the 2020 campaign. “A Green Real Deal would be a nationwide effort to inspire and enable Democrats and sensible Republicans to come up with state and local versions of (California legislature’s) S.B. 100 and thereby stimulate America’s earth race — not space race — to get to national net-zero emissions by 2045, or earlier.” Democrats need to stress the urgency of action in response to climate change. They need to stress the environmental and energy-related jobs that are created, especially in states where Trump won the vote, where wind energy is big like Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Wyoming, North Dakota, and Iowa.

Read more about Friedman’s plan here: https://www.nytimes.com/2019/04/09/opinion/trump-2020-green-deal.html

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