But on the flip side: McConnell Could Lose the Senate

BIG NEWS: “Kentucky Senate Poll Shows Mitch McConnell Tied With Alison Lundergan Grimes”
— Huffington Post

DuPage County,
Imagine how sweet it will feel if the Senate Republican Leader responsible for obstructing almost every progressive proposal gets defeated by voters in 2014.
New polling shows this is a real possibility. Mitch McConnell is the most vulnerable Senate Republican in the nation — and his loss would send shockwaves through the political establishment.
We’ve spent $100,000 on ads against McConnell, held local events, and a dedicated organizer is mobilizing our thousands of Kentucky members.
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A report by reform group Public Campaign is entitled, “Cashing In On Obstruction: How Mitch McConnell’s Abuse of the Filibuster Benefits His Big Money Donors.”
It states that on the very day debate began on a bill to repeal subsidies to Big Oil, oil donors gave an astonishing $131,500 to McConnell’s campaign. Three days later, the bill failed due to McConnell’s filibuster.
McConnell also blocked the public option, stronger Wall Street reform, background checks for guns, and so many other bills
A McConnell loss will send a signal to other Republican politicians: The obstruction needs to stop.
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Thanks for being a bold progressive.
— Adam Green, PCCC co-founder

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