A greatest obstacle to personal and political change. Online Seminar June 13

Every now and then I share with you some of the material I get from the personal growth arena. Having been intricately involved in politics now for over a decade, I have experienced times where my ego and taking things personally really hurt my ability to communicate a greater message. And, on the flip side, I have watched others, and myself, let their egos get in the way of creating party unity or in the way of seeing what strategies would work best in using our limited resources. I am not suggesting that this free online seminar will eliminate all of that but just that it might give us each a different and broader perspective with which to pursue both our personal and political goals. Attend this event on June 13 if you can (usually there is access to a recording later if you can’t but you still have to sign up). 

Amy Rohrer, Executive Director, Democratic Party of DuPage County

Most of us who are trying to change our lives — or the world — are trying to evolve and awaken our best selves. Yet we all have something in common — a big part of us doesn’t want to go there with us.

If you’ve met with this struggle on your spiritual or personal growth journey, you’re not alone — we’ve all got this resistance. It’s often been called the “ego” — a pervasive part of our human nature left over from the early evolution of our ancient animal past.

It’s practically wired into us — and since it evolved for survival, it’s averse to change in a whole host of ways that take our lives and our spiritual growth off course.

Most of the ego’s impulses have not only outlived their usefulness — they’re antithetical to the higher flourishing we know is possible. They don’t match up with today’s world and our highest aspirations.

Most spiritual and psychological experts agree that the ego is the single greatest obstacle to our higher evolution, personally and culturally.

And despite a certain amount of progress, we haven’t yet fully evolved beyond this primitive “conditioning” that has eons of momentum behind it.

But a new discovery now makes it possible for us to do just that. And evolutionary pioneer Craig Hamilton will share how in his upcoming free online seminar The Key to Evolving Beyond Ego, taking place this June 13. Please cut and paste if the other links don’t work.



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