90 Day Countdown to Earth Day 2018; Climate Change begins at home

90 Day Countdown to Earth Day 2018; Climate Change begins at home

It is exactly 90 days until Earth Day 2018. What can you do between now and then?

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How You Can Help With Climate Change

By Neil Stawski

These days, it seems like wild weather is becoming the new norm. Hurricanes, warm winters, and shifting rain patterns make people talk about climate change and worry about what it will bring.

What can you do to help? Although you’re just one family, there are some things you can do help fight climate change and protect our planet. It starts by being able to explain to others that yes, climate change is very real.

A Very Real Problem

While there are some people who think the climate isn’t changing, those who understand the data now it’s a problem. NASA has been collecting data on the planet’s weather, pollution, and temperature for a long time. Their findings are clear: Climate change is definitely happening. Not only that, it’s almost definitely caused by people.

You might have heard of a scientist who doesn’t believe in climate change. However, the truth is that almost all scientists know that this problem is real. Skeptical Science lists seven different polls of scientists showing that 91%-100% accept that global warming is happening and that humans are making it worse. To put it another way, the people whose job is to know if climate change is real certainly agree that it is.

Reduce Your Impact

Thankfully, you can make a difference. While you won’t be able to stop climate change overnight, there are ways you can reduce your impact on the environment and help be a positive force for needed change.

Popular Science explains that you can start by using your car a lot less. Going “car-free” is the best idea, but that may not be possible for many families. Instead, you can carpool, take electric buses, ride a bike, and even walk places. You may need your car’s trunk to bring home all the groceries, but riding your bike down to a local restaurant can both improve your health and decrease how much pollution you put into the environment.

You can also help by using less energy in your life. Sure, that means turning off the lights when you’re not in the room. But you can help by using energy-efficient light bulbs and recycling whenever possible. You should also lobby your congressional representative and local utility company to use more renewable power like wind and solar.

Changes To Your House

Speaking of solar power, more families are tapping into this trend as the costs of solar panels continues to fall. In addition, these are helping sell houses as more and more people want a greenhouse. As Improvenet explains, the average cost install solar panels is $19,510, but that depends on many factors. Your cost could be much less. 

Besides solar panels, you can install energy-efficient appliances and water heaters in your home as well as seal up drafts. This helps you use less energy in the winter and summer, reducing how much your home contributes to pollution and global warming. In fact, many utility companies will offer a free energy audit. This looks at ways your home uses power and recommends some changes to improve your energy efficiency.

Lastly, be aware that modern electronic devices often use power even when turned off. TVs, computers, and video game consoles are the biggest culprits. Keep these plugged into surge protectors and just hit the off switch to make sure none of them use power when you don’t need them to.

You Can Make A Difference

Everyone shares the planet, so everyone shares the responsibility of taking care of it. That’s why you need to do your part to protect against climate change. Use your car less, install some solar panels, and increase your energy efficiency at home. If everyone helps out like this, you can expect climate change to be much less of a problem.

About the author:

Neil Stawski believes an informed, engaged public is the only way to save the planet. He created ClimateWise.co to educate the public and encourage people to take action. ClimateWise helps visitors stay up to date on the latest climate change developments–from news stories to information about the latest research to what climate change deniers are doing to mislead the public.