6 reasons #Youshouldbewithher in some new terminology

6 reasons #Youshouldbewithher in some new terminology

Excerpted from The Daily Banter.com

…Nevertheless, disenchanted liberals must come to terms with the following realities. 

1. Hillary Clinton is a Democrat and has a very solid liberal voting record. 

2. The Republican Party is no longer a political party. It is a completely corrupt organization the exists solely to further the interests of the ultra wealthy. 

3. That party has now been demolished by a megalomaniac fascist who wants to ban Muslims from the country and thinks all Mexicans are rapists. 

4. That fascist also denies the existence of the greatest threat facing humanity— climate change. 

5. Hillary Clinton not only acknowledges climate change, but has a comprehensive plan to tackle it. 

6. Given the United States is the most powerful country on earth, this makes Donald Trump the greatest threat to human life in modern history. 

For those reasons alone, not voting for Hillary Clinton is unconscionable. While she may be a triangulating, cutthroat politician who will say whatever it takes to get elected, she is also highly competent, sane, and thoughtful. READ THE WHOLE ARTICLE HERE



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