2020 PCs – Congratulations on Filing

2020 PCs – Congratulations on Filing

Congratulations to all our PCs who filed!
Full listing of PCs that Filed

Some quick numbers.
In 2012
Republican PCs Filed Spots: 560 (74.87%)
Democratic PCs Filed Spots: 241 (32.22%)
In 2014
Republican PCs Filed Spots: 515 (68.12%)
Democratic PCs Filed Spots: 229 (30.29%)
In 2016
Republican PCs Filed Spots: 534 (61.45%)
Democratic PCs Filed Spots: 244 (28.08%)
In 2018
Republican PCs Filed Spots: 470 (50.54%)
Democratic PCs Filed Spots: 305 (32.80%)
In 2020***
Republican PCs Filed Spots: 366 (39.35%)
Democratic PCs Filed Spots: 305 (32.80%)

Take Away

Between the 2012 and 2020 Presidential Election Cycles, the Number of Republican PCs are down 35% and the Number of Democratic PCs are up 27%.

We are currently matching our grassroots PC engagement of 2018, which was the first cycle after Trump.

Although tired from the fight in the last cycle, our grassroots enthusiasm is at least on par with 2018, AND being a Presidential Year, we know overall Democratic turnout will be higher.

We’ve ALWAYS outworked the Republicans, and I believe that trend will also continue. The Take Away, the trends look good so far for 2020.

*** One Last Chance for PCs to Get on the Ballot as a Write-In. Watch for Details tomorrow.

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