Delegate Voting

What is a Presidential Delegate: Delegates represent the Democratic Party at the national nominating convention, where our Democratic Presidential Nominee is selected. They are required on the first ballot at the convention, to vote for the candidate they ran as a Delegate for.

How Delegate Voting Works: Only those candidates who are considered viable (get 15% or more of the vote) get to send delegates. At this point, the only people still in the Democratic Race for President are Biden, Sanders and Gabbard. Note: Gabbard doesn’t even have delegates on the ballot in Illinois and will not be viable. The Presidential Vote determines the number of delegates allocated. The delegate vote only determines which delegates get to go. Example, if you live in the 6th District, and Biden earns 3 Delegates and Sanders earns 3 Delegates based on their Presidential Vote, than the 3 highest Delegate Vote Getters for each, would be selected as Delegates.

Delegate Voting Advice: Individuals should vote for the Presidential Candidate of their choice then they should vote for all the delegates of that Presidential Candidate, you can always split Delegate Votes, but at this point, voting for any delegates other than those for Sanders or Biden, would literally be a wasted delegate vote.

For More Information: Check Out the Democratic Party of Illinois’ Delegate Guide

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