2020 Primary – Voting Dates

2/6 – Early Voting starts at the Election Division
3/2 – Early Voting starts at all Locations
3/17 – Election Day
*** Mail In Ballot Applications now through 3/12
Only fill out if you are going to vote from home (if you fill this out and you show up for early voting or voting on election day, you will be given a provisional ballot, which we’d like to avoid as much as possible).

2020 Primary – Registration Dates

2/18 – Last Day of Regular Voter Registration
3/1 – Last Day of Online Voter Registration
3/17 – Last Day of Grace Period and Day of Registration

Candidate Listing

This page is for informational purposes only. We’ve listed all candidates that have reached out to us. The Democratic Party of DuPage County does not endorse in the Primary Election. Some information on this list is in the process of being updated. Please email info@dupagedemocrats.com with any candidate corrections or contact information updates. *Incumbents are in bold

Race Candidate Email Website Facebook
President (Vice-President) Candidate Guide
Senate Dick Durbin info@dickdurbin.com dickdurbin.com facebook.com/dickdurbin
US Rep 3 Dan Lipinski info@lapinskiforcongress.com lipinskiforcongress.com facebook.com/danlipinskiforcongress
US Rep 3 Maire Newman info@marienewmanforcongress.com marienewmanforcongress.com facebook.com/MarieNewmancommunityadvocate
US Rep 3 Rush Darwish info@rushforcongress.com rushforcongress.com facebook.com/Rush4Congress
US Rep 5 Mike Quigley info@quigleyforcongress.com quigleyforcongress.com facebook.com/QuigleyForCongress
US Rep 6 Sean Casten info@castenforcongress.com castenforcongress.com facebook.com/castenforcongress
US Rep 8 Raja Krishnamoorthi info@rajaforcongress.com rajaforcoongress.com facebook.com/rajaforcongress
US Rep 8 Inam Hussain info@drinamforcongress.com drinamforcongress.com facebook.com/DrInam4Congress
US Rep 11 Bill Foster info@billfoster.com billfoster.com facebook.com/RepBillFoster
US Rep 11 Rachel Ventura hello@rachelventura.com rachelfventura.com facebook.com/electventura
US Rep 14 Lauren Underwood info@underwoodforcongress.com underwoodforcongress.com facebook.com/UnderwoodforCongress
State Senate 25 Karina Villa (current State Rep for 49) Karina@Karinavilla.com karinavilla.com facebook.com/Karinaforsenate
State Senate 28 Laura Murphy Lauramurphy4senate@gmail.com facebook.com/MurphyforIllinois
State Senate 43 John Connor (current State Rep for 85) facebook.com/ConnorforIllinois
State Rep 41 Denika McMillien friendsofdenika@gmail.com facebook.com/Denika-for-State-Representative-116851359720544
State Rep 41 Janet Yang Rohr facebook.com/jyangrohr
State Rep 42 Ken Mejia-Beal ken.mb@kenmejiabeal.com kmbfor42.com facebook.com/kmbfor42
State Rep 45 Diane Pappas dianeforstaterep@gmail.com dianeforstaterep.com facebook.com/DianeForStateRep
State Rep 46 Deb Conroy votedebconroy@gmail.com debconroy.com facebook.com/DebConroy46/
State Rep 47 Jennifer Zordani jzo@att.net facebook.com/DemocratJenniferZordani
State Rep 48 Terra Costa-Howard Terra@tchfor48.com tchfor48.com facebook.com/tchfor48
State Rep 49 Maura Hirschauer maura@votemaura.com www.votemaura.com facebook.com/vote4maura
State Rep 56 Michelle Mussman michelle@votemichelle.org votemichelle.org facebook.com/MichelleMussman56
State Rep 77 Kathleen Willis repwilliis77@gmail.com facebook.com/KathleenWillisforStateRepresentative
State Rep 81 Anne Stava-Murray anne@teamstavamurray.com teamstavamurray.com facebook.com/StavaMurray
State Rep 82 Kassem Moukahal
State Rep 84 Stephanie Kifowit stephanie@stephaniekifowit.com stephaniekifowit.com
State Rep 85 Dagmara “Dee” Avelar votedee85@gmail.com facebook.com/deeforIL85
Auditor Bruce Fogerty fogerty4dupage@yahoo.com facebook.com/FogertyForAuditor
Auditor Bill White billwhitedg@gmail.com billwhiteforauditor.com facebook.com/BillWhiteForAuditor
Clerk of the Circuit Court Moon Khan moonkhan2020@gmail.com moonkhan.com facebook.com/profile.php?id=100042443053407
Clerk of the Circuit Court Candice Adams Candiceadams2020@gmail.com candiceadams2020.com facebook.com/CandiceAdams2020
Coroner Greg Whalen campaign@gregorywhalen.com
Recorder Kathleen Carrier
State’s Attorney TBA
Judge (Anderson) Jeff Jacobson jacobsonforjudge@gmail.com jeffjacobson4judge.com facebook.com/JeffJacobson4Judge
Judge (Bakalis) Peggy O’Connell oconnell4judge2020@gmail.com oconnell4judge.com facebook.com/OConnell4Judge
Judge (O’Shea) Azam Nizamuddin info@azamforjudge.com azamforjudge.com facebook.com/azamforjudge
Judge (O’Shea) David Stevens dgslaw1@gmail.com davidstevensforjudge.com facebook.com/davidguystevens4judge
Judge (Sutter) Alice Wilson alice@alicewilson4judge.com alicewilson4judge.com
Judge (Sutter) Jill Otte jill4judge@gmail.com www.jill4judge.com facebook.com/VoteJill4Judge
County Board 1 Zahra Suratwala zahra.suratwala@gmail.com zahrasuratwala.com facebook.com/ZahraForDuPageCounty
County Board 2 Paula Deacon-Garcia citizensforpauladeacongarcia@gmail.com www.pdg4dupage.com facebook.com/pdg4Dupage
County Board 3 Gail Cabala-Lowry gcabalalowry@gmail.com gail-cabala-lowry.org facebook.com/Elect-Gail-Cabala-Lowry-106782254042947
County Board 4 Hadiya Afzal Hadiya.Dupage@gmail.com hadiyafordupage.com facebook.com/hadiyafordupage
County Board 4 Lynn LaPlante helplynnwin@gmail.com helplynnwin.org facebook.com/HelpLynnWin/
County Board 4 John Jacobs john@jacobsfordupage.com jacobsfordupage.com
County Board 4 Janette DeFelice jd4dupage4@gmail.com jd4dupage4.com facebook.com/JD4DuPage4
County Board 4 Hailey Nicewanner hnicewanner@yahoo.com facebook.com/Hailey-Nicewanner-for-Dupage-County-Board-4-114150703318331
County Board 5 Amy Chavez amy@amychavez.com amychavez2020.com facebook.com/amychavez2020
County Board 5 Mary Jo Mullen elect.maryjomullen@gmail.com mullen4dupage.com facebook.com/ElectMaryJoMullen
County Board 6 Greg Schwarze greg4dupage@gmail.com gregschwarze.com facebook.com/GregSchwarzeDuPage6
Forest Preserve – 2 Tina Tyson-Dunne tinatysondunne@gmail.com votetina.org facebook.com/VoteTinaforForestPreserve
Forest Preserve – 4 Jeff Gahris jgahris@gmail.com jeff4dupageforests.com facebook.com/JeffGahris4DuPageForests
Forest Preserve – 5 Barb O’Meara bomeara27@comcast.net facebook.com/Barbara-OMeara-for-Forest-Preserve-Commissioner-of-DuPage-County-110850323654917


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