2020 Election Recap – DuPage Dems Are Here To Stay

2020 Election Recap – DuPage Dems Are Here To Stay

“I don’t think it’s a fluke, I don’t think it’s a one-off, I don’t think DuPage is blue, But I think what it means is that we’re in the game now and we’re here to stay.”

-Cynthia Borbas on the 2020 Election
Chair of the Democratic Party of DuPage County

2020 DuPage Election Update – 11/17 – 7pm

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VBM Challenge Success and Thank you

When a County-Wide Candidate wins by 75 votes, in a race where 466,167 ballots were cast, it is clear that the work we did over the last 3 weeks to resolve VBM Challenges made a difference. This effort also helped increase the margins on a number of other close races that Democrats won. Thank you DuPage Democrats.

Provisional Ballot Note

Of the 2,527 Provisional Ballots, 2,241 were resolved.

2020 County Election Results

We won 3 County-Wide races. Congratulations Kathy Carrier, Candice Adams and Bill White.

We won 1 Judicial race. Congratulations Margaret Peggy O’Connell.

We won 4 County Board races. Congratulations Paula Deacon Garcia, Lynn LaPlante Allaway, Amy Chavez and Greg Schwarze.

We won 3 Forest Preserve races. Congratulations Tina Tyson Dunne, Jeffrey Gahris and Barbara O’Meara.

We won 11 of 18 (61%) County Races in 2020 (Biden won DuPage by 18%).

We won 10 of 24 (42%) County Races in 2018.

We won 1 of 23 (4%) County Races in 2016 (Clinton won DuPage by 15%).

2020 State House and State Senate Results

We won 9 of 13 State House Races. Congratulations Janet Yang Rohr, Deb Conroy, Terra Costa Howard, Maura Welch Hirschauer, Michelle Mussman, Kathleen Willis, Anne Stava-Murray, Stephanie Kifowit and Dagmara Avelar.

We won 3 of 3 State Senate Races. Congratulations Karina Villa, Laura Murphy and John Connor. We now have Dems in 8 of 9 State Senate Seats.

2020 Election Resulted in Dems having 17 of the 22 State House/Senate Seats(77%).

2018 Election Resulted in Dems having 16 of the 22 State House/Senate Seats(73%).

2016 Election Resulted in Dems having 10 of the 22 House/Senate Seats(45%).

2020 Federal Results

Our Federal Candidates swept their races. Congratulations Joe Biden & Kamala Harris, Dick Durbin, Marie Newman, Mike Quigley, Sean Casten, Raja Krishnamoorthi, Bill Foster and Lauren Underwood.

All Federal Seats Representing DuPage County are represented by Democrats.